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Over 100,000 people die annually in the U.S. from drug overdoses and millions struggle every day with addiction and its devastating consequences. At Life Changers Outreach, our recovery focus is on allowing students to receive healing from the Holy Spirit in times of worship and prayer.

God wants us to take a step toward Him with a heart ready for change. Psalm 51:17 says, "The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O' God". Many students come to our program broken, but God restores and provides a life free from addiction. 


What’s our program like?


Life Changers Outreach Centers offer a FREE, 12-month Christian residential program for men and women. See all of our locations on the Locations page.

While enrolled in the program, residents are supervised by staff and learn accountability. They do not work outside jobs and are required to participate in daily classwork and church services. Residents also spend time developing discipleship and ministry skills during community outreach and fundraising activities. We encourage residents to embrace the Christian faith. We see that when they do, their lives are transformed, and they find true meaning and purpose.


  • Developing a spiritual life that provides inner strength and a foundation for lasting recovery.
  • Identifying and replacing negative and unhealthy core beliefs, resulting in lasting change.
  • Building good character through moderate discipline and positive motivation.
  • Developing life skills such as personal and family relationships, self-acceptance, relapse prevention, social skills, anger management, and recreation.
  • Teaching students to “give back” to their community and families through service and by sharing their personal experiences with those who can benefit from the ministry.


  • Tennessee Men’s and Women’s Center: (865) 403-0149
  • North Carolina Men’s and Women’s Center: (828) 713-8948
  • West Virginia Men’s Center: (304) 953-3959
  • West Virginia Women’s Center: (304) 953-3987
  • Missouri Men’s and Women’s Center: (573) 405-0176
  • Ohio Men’s Center: (234) 400-9109
  • Oregon Men’s Center: (541) 707-7803
  • New Mexico Men’s Center: (505) 288-0332
  • New Jersey Men’s Center: (973) 294-3797
  • California Men’s Center: (619) 405-9198