tiffany sealey

lead pastor

executive director

Seven years ago, I dropped my husband off at Life Changers Outreach in Tennessee and thought our problems would be solved. Never did I realize that I was as broken and in need of transformation as my husband. Spiraling into depression and continually finding myself in hardship and not understanding why because “I was a good person”, I didn’t know that the void I was always trying to fill could only be satisfied by a true relationship with my Heavenly Father. After two plus years of drowning in bitterness and identity issues, multiple attempts for divorce, I hit a place of rock bottom and it opened the door for my husband to begin to speak Truth into my life. After awhile it began to ring true that I needed what he had found. I thank God daily that He made the way for me to be able to move to TN and begin the path to healing and learning who I was in Christ. Now, my husband and I are reconciled and thriving with Jesus as our glue and our foundation!!