joshua patrick

lead pastor

My name is Joshua Patrick. I grew up in the small town of Cornelia, Ga. I was raised by my grandparents to know the Lord and respect my elders. They did their best, but between losing my dad at a young age, not knowing my mom for years to come, and a world full of negative pressures and influences, I soon found myself feeling rejected, fearful, and not knowing how to fit in socially. But the devil had a quick, easy solution that came in the form of marijuana, crack cocaine, and other drugs that led to years of addiction, destruction, heartbreak, and prison sentences. But through all of it, God's amazing grace, tender mercy, and everlasting love continued to reach through the darkness and remind me of my heritage, not allowing me to forget where I came from and long for something more than the life I was living. At some point, I came to the end of my rope and was tired of being tired; I tried religion but it didn’t help. Finally, God led me to Life Changers where I had an extreme radical encounter with the real Jesus that would forever change my life. Now I’ve been clean for almost ten years. I have a beautiful wife, and four amazing children. I am a Son of God and I get to share with others this life-changing Gospel!!! All Glory to God and many thanks to Life Changers outreach for giving me a place to encounter the Lord and change my life when I had nowhere else to go!!!!!