My name is Jordan Bryan White, currently the Executive Director of LifeChangers Outreach CR, Transformando Vidas. I just want to say how grateful I am to God and this ministry! I was born into a Christian, Spirit filled family, who loves the Lord mightily. However in my adolescence I lost my father in a tragic car accident, and several friends in that same time frame in car accidents as well. I began to believe death followed me, and was angry at God. In my rebellion and pain I began to seek fulfillment and pleasure in the things of this world. In time this eventually led to 15 years of heavy partying and drug use, 10 of which I became heavily addicted to opioids, specifically heroin. Until one day, not for the first time, overdosed in a parking lot, was found by authorities, but I remember vividly feeling the breath of God breathe life back into my lungs! He had something more for me! In the following weeks I had encounter after encounter with the Lord in a jail cell in Okaloosa County Florida, where the Holy Spirit began to lead me towards what was truly needed to be free. He specifically told me I need discipleship, one encounter wasn’t enough!! This led me to LifeChangers Outreach where 6 and half years ago my life was radically changed through encounter after encounter with Him, His word, Discipleship from our amazing leader Apostle Mark Gallo, and I truly learned what it meant to be a worshipper! In that year of being in LifeChangers program the Holy Spirit truly taught me the power or humility, gratefulness, how to persevere, and overcome. A deep healing took place in me, rooting out the true underlying issues that led to my life in addiction. Wow!! I am so grateful!! Now I have the pleasure of serving others who were exactly where I was in the beautiful country of Costa Rica! I have a beautiful wife and five beautiful children who God has blessed me with, and remind me each day of what He has done for me. He set me Free!!!!!!!!