dave costello

program director

After having spiraled out of control on medications prescribed due to the loss of my left leg from a near fatal motorcycle accident and dealing with PTSD from earlier military incidents. God brought me to a Life Changers Table in western Maryland. This is where my journey with Jesus began. The wreckage of my life was reversed. No more would I be a destroyer of relationships and dreams. I was shown how to have and build a relationship with Jesus and that was the beginning of my walk. I was able to leave the controlling medications behind and rest in His love. Not worrying about medications that made me feel like a stranger in my body. Or that were controlling moods allowing me to feed into my despondent attitudes and behavior. If it hadn’t been for the Pastors and the love they showed me; the guidance they provided for me in my life when it was so desperately needed, I shudder to think of the results my self destructive behavior could have generated! I wouldn’t be here providing this testimony. Now I look forward to the life I have and what He has planned for me! Every day is a new page waiting to be written!