Generation Hope - New Jersey

Mission Statement

We exist to impart hope for the next generation by rescuing women and their unborn children from the hopelessness of life outside of Christ, to introduce them to the love and power of God, and to empower women and train them to be successful Mothers and leaders in the body of Christ and in their communities.

Our core beliefs:

We believe that Addiction is not a disease to be managed, but rather humanity’s attempt to cover the pain and brokenness caused by sin.

We believe that The only lasting freedom from pain and addiction is through Jesus Christ

We believe in the almighty power of the Holy Spirit. that He is actively moving in the earth to transform lives and to empower sons and daughters of God to live a life of Kingdom authority.

We believe that lifelong change is possible and that addicts can be completely restored through the power of God

We believe that all life is sacred and ordained by God. We believe that no baby is a “accident” but is a unique person made by God with destiny and purpose

We believe that every mother deserves a chance to be taught how to be a successful parent, beginning with a relationship with Jesus Christ and Biblical discipleship.

We believe that every child has value and purpose, and that it is our responsibility to impart hope to the next generation.

Who we are

We are a 12 month residential Christian ministry for adult pregnant women ages 18 and up. We seek to help women overcome and help build in them the positive qualities needed to become productive members of society.

How we do it

Our Program is carefully structured and designed to deal with any stronghold. Instead of focusing on the problem, we focus on finding the solution and achieving lasting and dramatic change in their lives. We believe that a productive, healthy life that is free of addiction is born out of a deep and true relationship with Christ. All the teaching, curriculum, and counseling are all geared toward directing residents to the cross of Jesus.  Through Biblical teachings, we train young women to act and respond to life’s challenges in an honorable manner according to scripture. Through our work program, we help them learn the value of hard work and good work ethics, and through strict self- disciplines we teach them to obey and respect authority.

Work Program

Through our adult work-study program, residents have the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic while learning new skills, the importance of teamwork and a good attitude. Work projects consist of tasks such as kitchen clean-up, laundry, janitorial duties, cooking and running a household. These activities help residents understand personal responsibility for their own living space and the importance of serving others.

Study Program

Each student is required to complete monthly academic assignments and participate in daily group studies which deal with topics such as: growing through failure, loving and accepting myself, obedience to man and God. Each student will spend approximately 25 hours a week learning how to better herself and drawing closer to God.                                                                                                                                               

Residential Program

Generation Hope offers a 12 month residential program which currently has the capacity for 8 adult women. While enrolled in the program, residents are under constant staff supervision and accountability. During their stay, they do not hold down outside jobs, as all of their attention is focused on the program. Residents are required to participate in a number of spiritual requirements such as scripture memory, daily church and chapel services, and weekly outreaches. We challenge the residents to embrace the Christian faith. We see that when they do, their lives are transformed and they find true meaning and purpose.



Our Focus:

  • Helping residents develop a spiritual life that provides inner-strength and a foundation for lasting recovery.
  • Helping residents identify and replace negative and unhealthy core beliefs, resulting in a lasting change
  • Building good character through moderate discipline and positive motivation
  • Life skill development in areas such as personal and family relationships, self-acceptance, relapse prevention, social skills development, anger management, recreation, etc.
  • If you have any questions about Generation Hope or if you would like a group to come visit your church please contact us, we would love to speak with you!

Generation Hope - New Jersey

Audie Ellis, Executive Director


NEWARK, NJ 07102 

(914) 306-3000

My name is Audie. I was lost for so many years trying to fill a void in my life which I could never find until I come in a relationship with Jesus.Then my life was totally changed as I started following Jesus. I started loving myself and realized he had a purpose and plan for my life. He has restored hope, joy, and love in my heart and I am forever changed.

generation hope - New Jersey

Betsy Ellis, Executive Director


NEWARK, NJ 07102 

(914) 306-3000

Hello my name is Betsy. I lived a life of hopelessness and chaos. I was missing something in my life and that was the love of God. I came in broken and lost but God encountered me right where I was and that changed everything. I have never experienced God's love till that moment. That one encounter changed everything!