generation Hope

Generation Hope - Mission statement

Restoring hope to future generations by empowering pregnant and single mothers to raise their own children in the identity and principles of the Kingdom of God. 

Our core beliefs: 

  • We believe that the only lasting freedom from pain and hopelessness is through Jesus Christ
  • We believe in the almighty power of the Holy Spirit. that He is actively moving in the earth to transform lives and to empower sons and daughters of God to live a life of Kingdom authority. 
  • We believe that all life is sacred and ordained by God. We believe that no baby is a accident, but is a unique person made by God with destiny and purpose
  • We believe that every mother deserves a chance to be taught how to be a successful parent, beginning with a relationship with Jesus Christ and Biblical discipleship. 
  • We believe that healed mothers can raise healthy children. We seek to change generations by ministering to the mother first.
  • We believe that every child has value and purpose, and that it is our responsibility to impart hope to the next generation
  • We believe that the action we take now can have a lasting impact to heal future generations one family at a time. 

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What we do:

Provide a safe home and loving environment for them and their children,  which includes biblical classes, parenting & life skill training. This will include them getting a job and earning their own money at some point. The goal is to empower and equip them to be able to restart their lives successfully on their own. 

Who we reach: 

⁃ Moms transitioning from long-term rehab back to parenting again

⁃ Pregnant women or mothers who need recovery help and do not have anyone to leave their kids with and their only option is losing custody. 

⁃ Pregnant women or mothers who are poor, coming out of abusive relationships, etc



⁃ We dont provide medical care

⁃ We aren’t a “come and go as you please” shelter

⁃ Cannot take children over age 5 at this time.